Arfion simply means “Our Wine” in Scottish Gaelic.

We are a small independent wine company that has the freedom to take some risks and do things differently.

Growing up in New Zealand with Scottish heritage, I moved to Australia in 2006 and fell in love with the styles and potential of the Yarra Valley.  With the help of my brother Jimmy and father Brian, we established Arfion in 2011.  Our aim is to extend the limitations of style, be considerate to the grapes and land and to be a strong part of the local wine community.  Arfion creates thoughtful wines with minimal winemaking interference, under the Arfion and Smokestack Lightning labels.  Intuitive, evolving wine styles that reflect our interpretations of each vineyard’s soil.

Single sites and small volumes.

Fresh, textured and delicious.

Dave Mackintosh