2017 Arfion Nebbiolo - $40


2017 Arfion Nebbiolo - $40

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After 2 years of keeping a lid on this wine, we are ecstatic to say it’s finally here.

Since establishment, 7 years ago, Arfion has only made red wine from one red grape - Pinot noir. We drink a lot of Pinot noir and our experience has revolved around it, but because of its similarity with Nebbiolo, we’ve started to become a little bit addicted to the Italian variety.

Our 2017 Nebbiolo has a firm and precise stretch of tannin which coats a mouthfeel hovering between raw-boned/structured and round/intense. The nose mixes red berry and cherry, earth, spice and dried flowers in equal measure.

Time and air will let it unfurl out of the fruit’s shy nature and into a layered, soft and complex drink that we’re extremely proud of.

Volume 87 cases

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Primavera Vineyard – Woori Yallock – Upper Yarra – Yarra Valley

We work with Lou Primavera at the beautiful Primavera Vineyard on Lusatia Park Road in Woori Yallock, Upper Yarra Valley. The Nebbiolo is located in a very small block on a mild north-west facing slope that harnesses all of the days sunshine. The soils are bright red of volcanic, basalt origin which are fertile but free draining and give exceptional life to the resulting wines.


2017 is my 11th vintage in the Yarra and I haven’t seen one as complete or balanced as this. We had regular water, mild temperatures and near perfect warm days and cool nights for the production of quality, fine-tuned grapes. It didn’t feel easy, but it did feel calm and collected. We had time to eat, drink and not stress. I think the wines show this relaxed balance.

Winemaking Stats

Picking Date – 28th April 2017                             Variety - 100% Nebbiolo             

pH - 3.45                         TA – 7.4 g/L                       Baume – 12.8

100% Destemmed fruit is held at 10 degrees for cold maceration for 3 days prior to gentle warming and the onset of natural fermentation. The wine is held on skins for 30 days and regularly plunged throughout.

After pressing, the wine was matured in old barrels for another 10 months at cold temperatures without sulphur. The wine was racked and lightly sulphured for another 7 months before being bottled in winter 2018.

Bottling Date – 17th July 2018         pH - 3.68          TA – 5.8 g/L           Alc - 13.5%          RS 0 g/L