2016 Arfion Pinot Grigio - $25

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2016 Arfion Pinot Grigio - $25

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Pinot Grigio from Italy and Pinot Gris from France are two very different styles that we shouldn’t try to emulate here in Australia. In the Yarra Valley, our soils produce a style of wine that naturally sits somewhere in the middle of these old world counterparts. So let’s go with that.

However, we call this wine Pinot Grigio because it’s dry with an acid backbone and a savoury, moreish character. Seems to make sense.

It exhibits red apple, rose and spicy cinnamon aromas with a hint of bread crust goodness. The palate is dry, savoury and textural with preserved lemon rind, fennel and pear flavours.


Volume 330 cases


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Coombe Farm – Coldstream – Yarra Valley


Farmed by Xavier Mendes, this vineyard has a serious track record of producing great Pinot Grigio in the Yarra Valley.

Rows flow east to west on a westerly facing slope in Coldstream, where the duplex, grey clay loams produce fresh and lively flavours at low sugar levels.




Spring 2015 started with a bang.

Winter warmth, an abundance of soil water and above average spring temperatures steered an early budburst, fast shoot growth and plentiful fruit yield.

Everything was happening at a head spinning rate over the growing season while we ran from vineyard to vineyard checking on things.

Just as we were taking a breath, a little sporadic harvest rain came to test us with disease pressure. However, bright warm days followed, which produced the healthy and clean fruit we were asking for.

Flavours were great at low sugar levels, so it was decided to pick relatively early, while acids were fresh and these flavours were pretty and bright.

2016 was certainly a learning curve and a great weight loss routine.

Definitely one to remember.


Winemaking Stats


Picking Date - 12 Feb 2016           Variety - Pinot Grigio         Clone –?                     Block- Hillside

pH - 3.3                                                                         TA – 7.3g/L                                 Baume – 11.7


Handpicked early in the morning and transported directly to coolrooms.

After a day of chilling we whole bunch pressed the fruit with no pressing cut so that we could retain the textural and crunchy phenolic inherent in the skins.

A slow natural ferment progressed as the juice warmed up in a mixture of old 500L oak puncheons, hogsheads and barriques. The ferment peaked at 24 deg C and lasted for a duration of 20 days.

Simple winemaking; maybe a little malolactic ferment, a bit of stirring and only coarse filtration with a little sulphur before bottling.


Bottling Date – 27th July 2016   pH - 3.45                TA – 6.1 g/L           Alc - 12.0%           RS < 2 g/L